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Hypopressives for Stress Incontinence


Hypopressive Low-Pressure Fitness (HLPF) has been proven to prevent and improve stress and urge incontinence in both men and women. 


Within 8 weeks of commencing Hypopressive training, the majority of people will experience no symptoms of stress incontinence.  


This whole-body exercise involves eccentric, lengthening poses that result in an automatic contraction of the pelvic floor muscles and transverse abdominus.  There is an automatic relaxation of the obliques, abdominus rectus, and additional core muscles when in these positions.  The pelvic floor is drawn up during the apnea and with continued strengthening of all the muscles involved in a hypopressive pose, stress incontinence is either prevented or substantially improved.


The arm positions activate the serratus anterior, latissimus dorsi, and elongation of the spine with a breath of inhalation for 2 counts and exhalation of 4 counts.  


Performing a minimum of 4 poses in various positions - standing, bent forward, seated, lying, or on all fours, will engage all of the core muscles.  Each pose will target different areas of the core and therefore it is imperative that a minimum of 4 planes should be utilized when choosing the poses per practice session.



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