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Remember how it took two weeks last season to be able to walk 18 holes without being exhausted? Or it took at least 4 holes before you had "loosened up" and felt like you actually had a golf swing?


Did  you suffer from back pain, or "golfer's elbow", or sore knees?


How would you like to improve your club head speed and stripe those drives an extra 20 yards STRAIGHT down the fairway?!


With proper pre-season training, you can prevent the majority of these ailments and improve your golf game.


The Titleist Performance Institute has the adage that the glutes are king and the abdominals are queen. This is a very true statement and a proper golf-specific fitness program incorporates the strengthening of these two key elements of a golf swing.


Proper kinetic sequencing (legs, core, arms, then club) can only occur when these muscles are firing correctly. In conjunction with a good, strong base; mobility, flexibility, stability and cardiovascular endurance must also be part of a well-balanced golf fitness program.


f you want to have more fun, less frustration, and enjoy the game, even more, take advantage of the snowy weeks ahead to become the golfer you have only dreamed you could be!



Jennifer is a personal trainer and Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor. She has been personally training for 28 years and is an avid, or some may say, addicted golfer.  She loves the game, has a single digit handicap, and plays golf throughout the region.



To book an appointment for a golf fitness assessment or golf-specific fitness training:


Phone:  613-852-6270















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