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Why chose Hypopressive Training as the first postpartum recovery program?


Hypopressive Low-Pressure Fitness (HLPF) is the safest and most effective way to recover from delivery. It is a form of exercise designed specifically to target the core, improve posture and enhance breathing without an increase of intra-abdominal pressure for the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, and spine. Two fundamental elements of LPF are the postural muscle training and breathing. Both of these factors impact directly through the stabilizing spine muscles included core muscles and pelvic floor providing more resistance. One of the consequences of exercising these muscles will be a reduction in waist circumference and postural re-education, both main objectives of millions of moms after pregnancy. Unfortunately, it is common to hear many moms complaining about abdominal separation, weakness of pelvic floor muscles and abs. Low Pressure Fitness has better results than traditional abdominal exercise routines, and that’s the main reason why it’s the most popular program of post-partum recovery for European women. Low Pressure Fitness is for you if:

  • You have given birth recently and want to improve your waistline, recover your abdominal diastasis and flatten your abs.

  • You suffer from some type of pelvic floor dysfunction which is common after delivery (urinary incontinence, prolapse).

  • You suffer from back pain.

  • You would like to retrain your core muscles, without harming the pelvic floor with increased intra-abdominal pressure.

  • You want to improve circulation of your lower limbs and enhance your physical condition

  • You want to improve your sexual function and pelvic floor muscle proprioception.


Post-natal women can start training with Hypopressive Low Pressure Fitness after 4-6 weeks of delivery if there were no complications at birth and your healthcare professional says it’s okay to exercise.  Two to three days per week for about 20 minutes will be enough for returning your body to the pre-pregnancy state. Train with a certified HLPF professional to obtain the best results and to achieve all of your health and fitness goals.

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