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Hypopressives for back pain
The core is composed of many muscles.  The transverse abdominus, abdominus rectus, internal and external obliques, multifidi, and erector spinae.  These muscles are composed of two types of muscle fibers - type 1 and type 2.  Traditional core exercises generally are geared towards the type 2 muscle fibers which are approximately 25 percent of the total muscle fiber in the core.  The transversus abdominus is composed of 75 percent type 1 - slow-twitch or endurance muscle fibers.  With these fibers not being activated during traditional exercise, the muscle atrophies cause back pain, expanding waistlines, hernias, poor posture, and bulging pot bellies.  The transverse abdominus plays a significant role in core stabilization. 
Hypopressive Low Pressure Fitness targets primarily the transversus abdominis.  With an eight week program of prescribed hypopressive poses, back pain is gone, posture improves, and waist girth diminishes an average of 1.5 to 2 inches!

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